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What Should I Consider Before Adopting a Child?

As a parent expanding your family through adoption, you may be worried about the unknown as you begin your adoption journey. Our Manassas adoption attorneys at Tobias Iszard, PC share common considerations adoption parents have when preparing the adopt a child.

Can I Care For a Child?

When determining if you are ready to adopt, you should consider if you are fully prepared and available to care for a child. If you do not believe that you can make this lifetime commitment to the child, you should strongly reconsider pursuing an adoption.

Can I Financially Support This Child?

While you may be able to care for a child fully, can you financially support the child? When considering your financial state, ask yourself if you can:

  • Afford all basic needs the child may have (clothing, food, shelter, healthcare),
  • Afford extracurricular or enrichment activities,
  • Afford bills for any medical care the child may need,
  • Afford items the child may need when they grow, such as braces,
  • Afford further education, and if you will create a college fund.

Is My Family Ready to Add Another Member?

You should consider your immediate family’s opinions when preparing to adopt your child. Ask your spouse how they feel about adoption and if you have any children, ask them what they think of welcoming one more sibling to the family. Making the major decision of adopting a child without complete agreement within your family can cause conflict and make the child feel unwelcome.

Manassas Adoption Attorneys

When welcoming a new child into your family through adoption, you may be unsure of how to navigate the process. Our Manassas adoption attorneys at Tobias Iszard, PC can guide you through the adoption process and help you prepare for the journey ahead.

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