• Complete Professionals
    Amy and her team are complete professionals. The firm represented me in a family law matter. Amy was always in my corner. She never backed down in court. My case was very complicated but Amy was determined I come out victorious. After a long year of battle, we did. I cannot express enough my gratitude for Amy and her team. I recommend Amy to anyone who needs a family law attorney. She is the Best of the Best!

    - R.P.

  • She demonstrated a high level of integrity
    After making the decision to get out of a 19-year emotionally, mentally and financially abusive marriage, I was extremely fortunate to meet Ashleigh Iszard and retain her as my divorce attorney. She was extremely knowledgeable and thorough as she helped me navigate the painful journey of divorcing someone like my ex-husband. Ashleigh was my security blanket when I needed it, and she made it easier for me to be “no contact” as much as possible. No matter how busy she was working with other clients and having court appearances, Ashleigh made herself accessible. She demonstrated a high level of integrity as she always did what she said she was going to do. It meant everything to feel like she genuinely wanted the best for me as I was engaged in my crazy ‘book and movie’ worthy divorce journey. When I now hear people say money does not buy happiness, I have to kindly disagree. My current peace and happiness was worth it!

    - Karen T.

  • Thank you all so much!
    I cannot express enough in words how much I appreciate Amy and her team. From my initial consultation to the final court date of my custody case, Amy had our best interests at heart. She was professional, straight forward, honest, and sincere. In our final day in court, i was so nervous as most people would but after Amy's opening statement, I immediately felt confident. She was also very well prepared and organized. With hundreds of pages of text messages, emails, and other documents we had, she knew EXACTLY where to find a specific page without hesitation. Her cross examination was also on point and addressed all the important and critical points. Amy is a firecracker and I highly recommend her! I also worked closely with her team and they were equally professional and friendly. Thank you all so much!

    - M.C.

  • I have recommended Amy to several people
    Amy Tobias has been my attorney for over 3 years regarding a custody case. I initially went with another attorney, things did not go well. I received a referral to Amy and I could not be happier with the results she has helped me achieve. I am so grateful for my children and I, that Amy and Claire fought for us.I have no doubt if I had not had Amy representing me, things would not have worked out well for me. Amy, along with Claire, took the time to explain everything to me step by step and answered the numerous questions I had along the way with professionalism and compassion. I have recommended Amy to several people going thru related issues and will continue to do so.

    - Amy R.

  • Kristen was extremely knowledgeable and professional in every aspect
    Kristen was extremely knowledgeable and professional in every aspect. She treated me with respect at all times and listened to me with all my concerns I had. It was a pleasure to have her help me in this very delicate issue. I would highly recommend her. She has been such a god-send for me. She helped me in a messy situation where she came to my aide. She was very patient with me on hard decisions and helped me with a shared custody without going through the process of a trial. She offered advice that was compassionate and practical, with a focus on civility and prioritizing the emotional well-being of my children. I am grateful for her assistance in navigating a very difficult period in my life. Thank you for all you have done for me. I’m forever grateful to her and will always recommend her. You’re an Angel Kristen and you will forever be in my prayers. You’re amazing at what you do and I appreciate you for fighting for me and my children.

    - Waida N.

  • Thank you guys so much
    These people are very professional and punctual. They did a great job I've given Ashley probably one of the hardest cases ever anyone could deal with. And they dealt with it very professionally. And thanks to them I can now raise my daughter I cannot thank them enough. Thank you guys so much

    - Golden Lions

  • So grateful!
    Working with Kristen was an absolute breeze. She was very knowledgeable, able to answer all our questions, and guide us through a difficult process in a way that made us feel it wasn’t actually difficult at all. Kristen helped our dreams come true and my husband was able to legally adopt my son! Now our family is complete.

    - Caitlin

  • Our Family is Whole because of Kristen!

    Because of Kristen, our family was able to go through a step-parent adoption and legal name change for our children whom have a biological parent who has opted to be out of the picture. What could have been stressful and emotional, was pleasantly neither of those things.

    She kept in contact and was always updating and making sure our needs were being met! We are so thankful for her help and will always be appreciative of her sewing up the loose ends for our family.

    - Ashley

  • Awesome Child Custody Lawyer
    I am very grateful to have been placed with Kristen for my custody case. I felt as if I was living in the Twilight Zone during my case due to the actions of the other parent. While unique to me and very stressful, Kristen was always on top of what needed done. She was reassuring during the 7 months of ongoing nonsense and always made me feel like she had things taken care of. She was quick to deal with any issues and very accommodating when I needed to reach her urgently. I was very impressed with her court performance. She was thorough and quick to act on opposing counsel. I would describe her as a bulldog in the courtroom. Nothing was missed and she was able to really show the court the truth. I couldn't have done this without her!

    - Hillary

  • Highly Recommend!
    I am so happy with my decision to choose Ms. Yurkowski to assist me with my name change. I thought that the process would be time consuming and stressful but she took care of absolutely everything for me. She kept in contact with me the entire time and always kept me up to date during the process. Also, I can't believe how fast she was able to get it done! I definitely recommend!

    - Anonymous

  • Amazing Attorney!
    Kristen was hired after my previous attorney unexpectedly moved away. I loved Kristen from the moment I met her! She was so attentive & understanding and really made me feel valued and really seemed to care about our case. I appreciated her honestly & her willingness to do whatever it took for my child custody case. If I ever need legal help again in the future, she is definitely someone I would turn to again!

    - Marianna

  • Highly Recommend
    I met and hired Kristen for my divorce in 2018. During the meeting, she was straight forward, explained the procedures for the divorce and did not waste my time or money. Throughout the proceedings, Kristen kept me up to date, so I did not have to inquire as to the status of the divorce. She was very quick to reply to my emails or take my calls (even on the weekends or off hours). I hope it never happens, but if any of my friends unfortunately have to go through a divorce, without a doubt, I would recommend Kristen to assist in that endeavor.

    - Michael

  • She is a superstar in and out of the courtroom
    I am very fortunate that someone recommended Amy Tobias to me 8 years ago. She has represented me for over 8 years regarding custody matters. She is a superstar in and out of the courtroom, I cannot recommend her enough.

    - Emily

  • She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!
    Ashleigh Iszard was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. She helped me through renegotiating custody and child support. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding our circumstances, and mindful of my teenage daughter's needs throughout the process. I highly recommend Ms. Iszard.

    - Toni S.

  • Amy Tobias is the Best of the Best!
    Amy Tobias is the Best of the Best!!! If you want someone who will fight hard for you in court, Amy is your lawyer! She will work tirelessly for you to win your case and to come out exceedingly above your expectations! She will work with you in it all. I am beyond blessed and pleased with her experience, knowledge, and expertise and the outcome of my divorce court settlement! Grateful.

    - Yavette H.

  • She was honest and upfront!
    Very personable. I worked with Ashleigh Iszard for my case, and she fully understood what I wanted out of it. She was honest and upfront about any issues we would encounter, but still worked hard to help me get the outcome I was hoping for.

    - Sara J.

  • They made themselves available to me whenever I needed and did their best to calm my fears.

    Ashleigh and team were so caring and comforting and understanding of my case and particular situation. They made themselves available to me whenever I needed and did their best to calm my fears. They worked closely with myself and the other professionals involved with the case and kept me informed all along the way. It took me a few lawyers to find someone as good as Ashleigh and I am so thankful I had her on my side.

    - Mother of Two

  • You get high quality service from the time you enter the door.

    Amy Tobias and her associates are extremely courteous, professional, compassionate, and down to earth people. They listen to your questions and concerns and address them promptly. I have dealt with other law firms and this firm is the best by far. You get high quality service from the time you enter the door. I highly recommend Amy Tobias. Amy and the entire staff will fight for you and stand with you throughout the entire process. We are forever grateful!

    - R.H.

  • Amy was on top of everything from day one.

    Amy was on top of everything from day one. She was responsive and easy to work with during the preparation and trial for sole legal custody of my grandson. Amy is very knowledgeable and seasoned in her field and that showed in the courtroom. We won and we were up against some tough opposition. Amy Tobias will not waste your time or your money. You can trust her.

    - Grandmother Who Obtained Sole Custody

  • I am forever indebted to you.

    I am truly grateful for finding you and having you in my corner for legal counsel. You have always been a compassionate listener and guided me through the confusing legal mazes. Most importantly, you always looked out for my best interest(s), and didn’t allow me to cave in when I just wanted to throw in the towel. You truly made a difference for my kids and I. I can truly say that my relationship with my children is stronger and remains so, thanks to your help. Thank you. I am forever indebted to you.

    - Recently Divorced Dad

  • Definitely and highly recommend them for anything dealing with family law.

    Absolutely love these ladies. They were straightforward with me, and explained all the obstacles we would be looking at, but left the ultimate decisions up to me. They took the time to listen and fully understand what I was looking for with my cases, and came up with different strategies on how to tackle the obstacles. They kept me up to date on all communications with opposing counsel, and if something came up, they did not hesitate to call me if I did not respond to an email right away. Ashleigh really came to understand me, and would realize when I was just being stubborn for stubborn’s sake and was able to convince me what was best for us in the cases and ultimately what was best for my child. Definitely and highly recommend them for anything dealing with family law.

    - S.J.

  • Words cannot express how much I appreciate the care and compassion you’ve shown toward my family.

    Words cannot express how much I appreciate the care and compassion you’ve shown toward my family. For the first time since this nightmare started, I feel like I was finally defended properly and someone truly cared about my concern for my son. I hope you know how much it means to me. You’ve restored hope and allowed a large piece of happiness to return to me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

    - Dad Who Obtained Shared Custody

  • They worked smart and efficiently

    We were thrilled with the service and winning outcome achieved in our custody case with Amy and Claire on our side. They worked smart and efficiently to keep costs down and knew just where to push for optimum results. Thanks again!

    - Dad Who Obtained Shared Custody

  • I would highly recommend Ms. Iszard.

    Ashleigh Iszard is an attorney who brings an objectiveness based on her legal knowledge, but also the subjective expertise that allows her to apply that knowledge based on her character. I have witnessed Ms. Iszard review the standards given via applicable laws, then act with compassion in determining ways ahead for her clients. I would highly recommend Ms. Iszard for persons involved in the legal process who desire an expert willing to work with both parties to come to the “best possible” resolution for all.

    - Parent

  • You rescued me.

    Amy, Thank you! My oh my how my life changed after we first met. No kidding, you rescued me.

    - Recently Divorced

  • I can't thank you enough for the care and concern provided by you and your team.

    I can't thank you enough for the care and concern provided by you and your team. It's true that some things are priceless, and the guidance and good counsel you gave to me definitely qualifies.

    - Satisfied Client

  • Hands down, the best team you will ever find in NOVA.
    I feel like it is difficult to adequately express how INCREDIBLY THANKFUL I am to have had Ashleigh handle my case. She was always quick to respond, and never failed to put my mind at ease whenever I had a question, concern, or even doubt. Hands down, the best team you will ever find in NOVA. Hopefully I won't need it, but should I ever need legal counsel again, I will call them in a heartbeat. I am eternally grateful for you ladies.

    - C.A.

  • Her advice is always sound and direct.

    Amy Tobias has been this Dad's attorney through a pretty complicated divorce, with issues that have flared up repeatedly over 9+ years. She has represented and advised me while she was an associate, a sole practitioner, and now as a partner. This is one very intelligent lady and knowledgeable and competent family law attorney. Her advice is always sound and direct. She cuts through the fluff and tells me what I need to know and what she needs from me. When we've had actual contested hearings, the results have always been in my favor.

    - S.G.

  • Amy Tobias and Claire Salitsky gave me my life back.

    I have truly been blessed to find a law firm who is warm, supportive and caring for their clients, but killer Great White Sharks in the courtroom for divorce/custody. Amy Tobias and Claire Salitsky gave me my life back……..my son! I started off with a different law firm, which he was HORRIBLE!!!! I felt helpless and felt he did not put any effort into my case, just collecting my check. Before I came to Tobias Iszard, I thought I could lose my son for no reason other than poor lawyer representation. That all changed when I went to Tobias Iszard!

    - D.P.