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Do Divorce Filings Rise in the New Year?

The beginning of a new year is often seen as a time for a change. People make resolutions to better themselves and their lives. For some, this means getting divorced. In fact, divorce filings tend to rise in the New Year. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main ones is that people want to start the New Year fresh.

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Why Do Filing Rates Increase in the New Year?

There are several reasons why divorce filings tend to increase in the New Year.

To Get A Fresh Start

One reason is that many people make resolutions to better themselves and their lives at the start of a new year. For some, this means getting divorced. After all, getting a fresh start is an important step in improving your life.

To Take Advantage of New Year's Resolutions

Another reason is that many people see the start of the New Year as a time to make changes. Studies have shown an increase in Google searches for "getting divorced" at this time of year. People may feel like January is an ideal time to take this step.

To Avoid Stress During the Holiday Season

In addition, many want to avoid the stress and financial burden of filing for divorce during the holidays. Filing in the New Year gives them time to prepare and take care of any loose ends before starting a new chapter in their lives.

For Their Children

Finally, some couples may consider waiting until after the holidays to file for divorce because they do not want their children to be upset or worried during the holidays. However, this can result in a delay that ultimately prolongs their legal process.

To Get Ahead of the Crowd

A third reason is that many people want to get divorced before others do in the New Year. For example, they may worry about getting lost in a crowd of other filing couples if they wait until later in the year. They may also be afraid that their spouse will use this as an opportunity.

What Should I Do If I Wish to Get Started On My Divorce?

If you are considering getting divorced in the new year, our team at Tobias Iszard, PC can help you through the process. Our experienced divorce and family law attorneys can guide you through the process step by step, from filing to finalization. We understand how stressful filing for divorce can be, so we work hard to alleviate your worries as much as possible. We pride ourselves on providing compassionate and quality services, no matter your situation.

Divorce is often not a quick and easy process. It can involve lots of organization, meeting with your attorney, court hearings, mediation sessions, and negotiations with your spouse as you determine property division, child custody and support, and even the division of your retirement accounts. With this in mind, it becomes essential to retain a family law firm that you can trust to act in your best interests.

Partnering Together for Your Successful Future

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